30 December 2010

The Ever - Expanding Interior (UIC Au 2010)


The Ever Expanding Interior is a network of spaces that form continuous passageways through the city. Designed both as circulation and to contain program, it is evocative of Koolhaas’ notion of Junkspace; but also looks towards the Parisian galleries of the 19th century as a historical precedent. The Interior has a parasitic relationship with the existing urban fabric and as it advances it performs two primary actions...


  • Creates points of entry into the Ever-Expanding Interior.
  • Creates public balcony and terrace spaces.
  • Blurs the separation of public and private


  • Advances the domain of the Ever-Expanding Interior.
  • Creates bridge connections to neighboring buildings.


04 August 2010

Franklinton Community Housing

Drawing on my urban fabric research I sought to develop a plan for the riverfront Vet's Memorial site in Franklinton. The goal of the project is to design an architecture that celebrates the riverfront and views of downtown, while creating ample public space for recreation and urban farming.

Research - Urban Fabric

This series of diagrams and images is an investigation into unique urban conditions dealing with circulation, views, and public space.

20 May 2010

Hot Wire Foam Cutter

Here is a hot wire foam cutter that I recently built. Most of the stuff like the wire, MDF, 1 X 2s, 1/4 -20 all thread, nuts and washers I had in the garage from previous projects. I spent about $40 on the dimmer switch, 120v - 12v (3amp) transformer, clamps, and aluminum angle. The cord was salvaged from an old hot glue gun.

It works really well, though it does take some technique; slow steady movement and dialing in the right temp. Templates or fences are necessary for straight cuts. The switch is on/off and the dimmer controls voltage thus temperature. I might add an LED as a visual indication that it is on and/or a momentary foot switch for additional safety.

11 March 2010

The Riparian Corridor

The site in Cleveland Ohio is situated on the edge of Rockefeller Park and the Doan Brook. It can be seen as a missing piece in the riparian corridor stretching from the edge of Case Western reserve Univerity campus all the way to Lake Erie. My building scheme would allow for the site to be largley planted with trees and naturally occouring plants, adding to this protective barrier along the Doan Brook.

A riparian corridor is a unique plant community consisting of the vegetation growing near a river, stream, lake, lagoon or other natural body of water.