30 March 2009

Gothic Bullfight

This is a group project from Spring 2008 with instructor Gabriel Esquivel. The initial criteria was to create an installation celebrating light. In addition, Prof. Esquivel encouraged us to investigate the idea of creating an emotional surface. This approach departs from the traditional architecture of thinking and process to an architecture of feeling. We began our research by looking at the gothic rose window for lighting effects and geometry, and the candle lit interior of the gothic church. We moved to incorporate the bullfight for ideas about color, motion, spectacle, ritual, and emotion.

This project was featured on the cover of the Ohio State University's College of Engineering Publication.

20 March 2009


For this project, we were given a mix of different programs, including a community center, library and retail/commercial space. In this studio with Prof. Jrgang Chi, we were asked to also incorporate some dynamic element that was also low-fi, meaning its function was not dependent on technology. My solution was a balloon wall, which could be filled with a buoyant gas. The walls can be rearranged to reprogram the open spaces, create connections between spaces, adjust lighting conditions, and even brought outside of the structure to enclose outside spaces, or to act as signage for the various activities within.

09 March 2009

J Birthday Mix

Here is another track list for a mix CD. This one was for J's Birthday.

Valentine's Day Mix CD

I really enjoy making mix CDs and for me the packaging design is half the fun. This is the tack list for a mix I made for J for Valentine's Day.