31 December 2008


DESCRIPTION: The initial criteria for this project was to design a library for architectural scholars using wood as the celebrated material. Drawing inspiration from interviews with actual librarians, my aim was to create an open interior that would foster interpersonal connections throughout he space. The bookcases and study carrells are placed in the pockets between the deep wood columns, creating a grand atrium in the center space. The wood siding creates a rhythmic pattern on the exterior that corresponds with the bookcases on the interior. The concrete base is cast from wood forms built from the same wood as the siding. The impression of this wood remains; concrete is the ghost of wood construction. 

05 December 2008

Wheel of Good Fortune

Final project for Architecture 626, Wood Construction. 
Instructor: Michael Cadwell.
Group Project with: Norman Ai, Jon Blistan, Sung Yun, & Daniel Starcher

Our objective was to design a structure interpreting the notion of floor and ceiling in wood light frame construction. Our proposal was a chair that not only rocks but rolls as well. In addition to being a functional piece of furniture, its construction is representational of a method for curvilinear roof and floor construction at a larger scale.

reading in the reading room

Third year undergrad Architecture project Autumn 2008. Instructor: Jrgang Chi

Concrete reading room. 
The aim of this project was to design a small isolated structure to serve as a reading room and storage for books, with a focus on materiality and lighting conditions. Working with concrete, I cast this model (1/2"=1') using wood formwork in which I etched the representational form lines and used finish nails to create the look of tie back holes. The cast stair also serves as the book shelves.